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Cancer Expert is up and running. This site has been built entirely with ctSearch technology.


ctSearch is a content-based Internet search engine, and ctBrowser its accompanying desktop browser. So what is different about ctSearch when compared to other Internet Search Engines (i.e., Google, Bing, AltaVista, etc.) being used today? Standard Internet Search Engines are exclusively keyword-based search tools, whereas ctSearch is content-based.

The difference between keyword-based and content-based search can best be explained via a simple example. Let's assume, there are 2 Web documents which contain the following passages of text, respectively:

... rock music rock music music rock rock and roll ...

... In 1952, Sam Phillips began Sun Records.  In his Sun Studios at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, he recorded future blues greats B. B. King and Howlin' Wolf.  He also discovered Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison. Sam Phillips and Elvis Presley changed the course of popular music forever. ...

If a search is conducted with the phrase rock music, keyword-based search engines will produce a hit for the first document and a miss for the second document. Content-based search engines - like ctSearch - on the other hand, will deliver a moderately small hit for the first document, and a high relevance hit for the seocnd document.

There are two main differences here:

  1. The moderately low relevance hit for the first document. The first document excerpt only keeps repeating the key words rock music. There is little variation (only the phrase rock and roll).
  2. The high relevance hit for the second document. Even though, the second document makes no mention of the search phrase rock music, it is nonetheless recognized.

The second difference is due to the simple fact that content-based Search Engines have background knowlege of the search term rock music. Any person familar with rock music, will know that some of the mentioned musicians are well known in this genre of music. In case of ctSearch a third possible difference will emerge, if the search phrase blues music is added to the search. The second document would also receive a hit since it is primarily about blues musicians. Again, keyword-based search engines would not recognize this.

It is clearly self-evident that, the search behavior exhibited by content-based Search Engines like ctSearch, is preferable when compared to the behavior displayed by standard keyword-based engines.

Besides being an example of a content-based Search Engine, ctSearch also is capable of accepting search input in Natural Language form. This means, search text can be entered in complete English language sentences. The input can be a single sentence, a paragraph, or a complete page of text.

The following may illustrate the types of input to ctSearch that are possible.

My name is Joe Malloney. I am interested in rock and blues music. I enjoy swimming or bike rides. I also like some types of country music. Furthermore, I enjoy baseball and ice hockey as sports. I am engaged in community work in San Jose, California and I follow local politics. My further interests include: technological innovations, computers, and movies. I am actively looking for females which share my interests.

The above displayed search input will be used as an example for the remainder of this discussion.

Specialized ctMedBrowser - Medical Expert Network (Cancer domain)

Besides supporting the standard ctBrowser, there is also a specialized browser for use with a Medical Expert Network - ctMedBrowser. Try it with the already setup cancer domain, or post your own general questions. Learn more about this tool here.

How to Search

You can search from ctBrowser by selecting the File->Search menu option, or you can visit


How to Import Search Query Results

Each search query result is packaged in an archive file (.jar file extension). These packaged query result files are portable between all ctBrowsers. The ctBrowser installation comes with a default search query result file: -1540086085.jar. These search query result files can be installed in 2 different ways:

  1. The file is placed into the installation directory. As soon as, ctBrowser is re-started the file is automatically installed.
  2. The file can be imported via the File->Import menu option.

How to Select and View Search Query Results

Search query results can be viewed by invoking the File->Query menu option. A window will popup showing a list of all installed search query files. By hovering the cursor over one of these results, the bottom text panel is populated, displaying the actual search query. By clicking on the selected list element, the query is actually selected and opened in the browser.

Where to download ctBrowser/ctMedBrowser?

To download ctBrowser or ctMedBrowser go here. Select the installer for your OS, download, and click to install.

Next, follows a brief discussion of the features of ctBrowser.

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