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ctBrowser is the desktop pendant to ctSearch. It allows a user to peruse the search results discovered by ctSearch, using several different view modes. Afterall, viewing things from different perspectives can help discover new relationships. ctBrowser provides 3 core view modes:

  1. Normal View

  2. This view presents the retrieved search results in the form of a cloud tag, in which high relevance items are displayed in large fonts and items of less relevance in smaller fonts.
  3. Group View

  4. The Group view groups search results based on the total number of shared tags and their relevance. For example, the cloud tag groups_of_4 lists all web documents that have exactly 4 tags in common.
  5. Tag View

  6. This view ranks all retrieved Web documents based on the total number of tag hits and their relative relevance.

Besides supporting these three views, ctBrowser also allows to change the relevance threshold (i.e., certainty) for web documents when being displayed. This value can be set from 0 to 100. The former, indicating no relevance and the latter highest relevance.

Furthermore, it is possible to switch between relative and absolute relevance mode. A relative relevance rank value is bounded (between 0 and 100, like a percentage), whereas an absolute relevance rank is defined by an open-ended score value.

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